“Really funny, and just downright entertaining” is how Saving Country Music described them. Columbus Free Press called them “the musical equivalent of watching ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ – you laugh, you feel deep shame, and then you laugh again.” 

With their 2014 debut album, “Dumb Country Noise,” the HELLROYS announced themselves to the world. Tracks like “Wedding at Walmart” and “Outlaws Don’t Read,” quickly established the HELLROYS as a hilarious, twang-banging, must-hear band. After making a name in the regional clubs, the HELLROYS hit the national stage in 2018 when Outlaw Country radio put their hit "I Don't Do No Drugs,” into heavy rotation. 

The HELLROYS now tour the world singing songs of snakes, titties, and Siamese twins. They have found themselves sharing the stage with artists such as Whitey Morgan, Dale Watson, Unknown Hinson, and Dallas Moore.

With the support of their fans, the HELLROYS have become America's Favorite Country Mid-Western Band and yes, the sole purveyors of Dumb Country Noise.