From the recording HELLROYS On Earth

Recorded at Sonic Lounge Studios in Grove City, OH on 08/03/2020 by Joe Viers. Guitars and Lead Vocals - Sixto Hellroy. Drums and Backing Vocals - Rayf Hellroy. Bass - Blee Hellroy.


Saving My Last Inch
(words & music by the HELLROYS)

We lie together, but you only want more
You probably wonder, why I gotta stop short
And wear a bumper around the base of my shaft
Well, there’s a damn good reason for that

I’m saving my last inch for my love
My one true love...she waits for me

Well, I will give you much more than the tip
And I will let you slide it most the way in
And I will give you two-thirds of my love
But, please don’t do the math on that

...and you ain’t her

Because the only girl I ever loved is sweet Abigail
She took me all in and then they took her to jail
They said our love was statutory, that’s just cruel
She was my favorite teacher in middle school

...she waits for me
It’s been so old is she?
Let’s add it up...she’s 83
And that’s just one year...too old for me

Sharing every inch from now on
Come see my last inch...and my nuts
Here is my last inch everyone
Come get a load of my ugly chode

Shaped like a tuna can: CHODE!