From the recording HELLROYS Is Real

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Music by Geoff Mack
Unichappel Music


I Don’t Do No Drugs
(words by the HELLROYS)

I was taking my pills, in the hospital parking lot. 
A young man approached and told me that he was selling pot
He said "I got some bud that's guaranteed to get you high"
I swallowed my last pill and I looked him in the eye
He said “I got all kinds of drugs, so what you gonna buy?”
I said, “Listen, I don't take nothing...
That a doctor don't prescribe”

I don't do no drugs, man. I don't do no drugs, man
I don't smoke no bud, man. I don't do no drugs, man
It angries up that blood, man. So, I don't do no drugs

I just take Paxil, Xanax, Zoloft, Flomax, Morphine,Valtrex,
Flonase,Plavix, Codeine, Zyrtec, Soma, Zantac, Ultram,
Zocor, Cipro, Prozac, Dopamine, Demerol, Lexapro, Tylenol,
Vicodin, Lyrica, Lipitor, and Adderall

I just take Percocet, Ambien, Prednisone, Darvocet,
Nexium, Claritin, Risperdal, Proprafol, Valium, Fosamax,
Viagra, Topamax, Methadone, Aciphex, Ritalin, Celebrex,
Lithium, Tamiflu, Benadryl, Nasonex, Clarinex, Imitrex,
Avonex, and Aciphex

But I like Crestor, Botox, Prevacid, Klonopin, Allegra,
Lunesta, Oxycontin, Zyprexa, Propecia, Strattera,
Boniva, Lamisil, Advair, Cialis, Levitra, Amoxicillin,
Penicillin, Ampicillin, Messacillin, Clockacillin, Hetacillin 
<And a little bit of meth> <And once I killed a hooker>