From the recording HELLROYS On Earth

Recorded at Sonic Lounge Studios in Grove City, OH on 05/10/2019 by Joe Viers. Guitars and Lead Vocals - Sixto Hellroy. Drums and Backing Vocals - Rayf Hellroy. Bass - Blee Hellroy. Featuring Corny Hellroy on Pedal Steel.


Sisterwives in a Singlewide
(words & music by the HELLROYS)

Sisterwives living in a singlewide
I married half a dozen brides
Now we all live in a singlewide

Bible says exactly what marriage is
One man, one woman and that’s it
Maybe five more women just for kicks

Sisterwives’ cycles synchronized from living side by side
I took a blue pill once, I knocked ‘em all six up
One magic night (Priapism!)

Sisterwives, living in a singlewide
Half a dozen pregnant wives
And we all live in a singlewide

Sisterwives touched each other twixt their thighs
They fell in love and realized
They don’t need me to satisfy

Well, the sisterwives they got organized
And then they kicked me out
6 times the child support and in the divorce court
They got a group discount (stink fisting!)

Sisterwives took away my singlewide
Now I gotta sleep outside
‘Cause they took away my singlewide
Sisterwives took away my singlewide
Alimony bled me dry and they took away my singlewide

Kitty sniffing sisterwives
Titty juggling sisterwives
Fishy fingered sisterwives