From the recording HELLROYS On Earth

Recorded at Sonic Lounge Studios in Grove City, OH on 12/16/2018 by Joe Viers.
Guitars and Lead Vocals - Sixto Hellroy. Drums and Backing Vocals - Rayf Hellroy. Bass - Blee Hellroy. Pedal Steel - Corny Hellroy.


(words & music by the HELLROYS)

The human body is disgusting
Don't kid yourself
Don't kid yourself

Some people say the human body is like a work of art
I say it's just a bloated sack of blood and guts and farts
There's body acne, body odor, still it's strange to think
I wanna touch you right there where you stink
(It’s pink!)


The human mouth is full of germs and pointy jagged teeth
There's belching gas and halitosis, probably gum disease
There’s tooth decay and canker sores, but still I’d like to see
You put your dirty mouth right on me
(For free!)


The human female has a pisser like a taco shell
The epidermis, where the fur is, holds in all the smell
My hairy hotdog is just as awful, still without a doubt
Your pisser’s all I ever I think about
(Take it out!)

...and I didn't even mention the ass