From the recording HELLROYS Is Real

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(words & music by the HELLROYS)

Don't think I won't leave you baby, so just shut your hole
I’mma air your dirty laundry so that people can know
I’m a powderkeg of secrets and I'm fixing to blow, now baby
Don't think I won't tell the preacher how you stole from the plate
You bought some meth with the money just to help you lose weight
You stole your brother's el Camino and crashed in the lake
Now baby. Baby

I know you're running round. You do me wrong, wrong
I'm gonna tell the world in a country song

Don't think I won't, think I won't. You think I won’t <x3>
Gonna burn your last bridge one day. Don't think I won't, baby
<I’m gonna burn your house down one day. Don’t think I won’t, baby>

Don't think I won't tell the sheriff how you’re hooking in town
You caused a herpes epidemic that's going around 
You charge a book of food stamps for a rusty trombone
Now baby. Baby 

Don't think I won't tell Home Depot how you clogged their commode
That night you got super high ‘cause you was licking them toads
You decided to get naked and flushed all your clothes down 
Baby, baby 

Well, I know you run around and do me wrong, wrong
I’m gonna tell the world in a country song
We don't get along. I know you're smoking bongs
I'm gonna tell your Ma. Don't think I won't.