From the recording HELLROYS Is Real

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(words & music by the HELLROYS)

I'm old fashioned, but I got a hunch
Every rugrat should hafta take a punch when he's young
Then he'll learn to watch his tongue
I raised my children exactly this a way
Now they grown and decided that they gonna make me pay
I knew this day was coming quick

My kids are getting too big for me to hit    

I went to smack my boy to teach him some respect
He blocked my hand and he punched me hard in the dick
It made me pee a little bit

My kids are getting too big for me to hit    

Well they growed up so fast, now they beating my ass
They beating me down 
They make a sport outta me
Say they gonna watch me bleed till I holler right out loud
“I never been so proud"

Growing up, my folks would beat me every day 
Then the neighbors would beat me when my parents were away 
And I turned out "ok"

My kids are getting too big for me to hit