From the recording HELLROYS Is Real

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My Truck Is Loud
(words & music by the HELLROYS)

My truck is loud. My truck is loud
I'm rolling coal. I'm rolling proud
They call me douchey. A no-account 
I don't eat sushi. My truck is loud

I take 4 parking spaces and I’m sitting 8 feet off the ground
And I live with my Mama ‘cause I ain't got a job right now
This truck cost 80 thou, my truck is loud...

And it’s 4 in the morning and I'm parked at my ex-wife's house 
I rev my engine, rattle windows and I peel out so she hears how...
Big my dick is now, my truck is loud... 
I got truck nuts (truck nuts)
I got truck nuts (truck nuts)
I got truck nuts (truck nuts)
I got a glass pack, a fart can
And no reason to live
My truck is loud...

Daddy never loved me. He never told me he was proud
But that don't matter ‘cause I'm rocking dual straight pipes now
And daddy's in the ground, my truck is loud...