From the recording Dumb Country Noise (Remastered)

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Put The Hammer Down
(words & music by the HELLROYS)

Put the hammer down
Put the hammer down
I wanna go to heaven
I don't wanna go right now
Don't make me call the law
Put away that claw
Just put the hammer down

I don't need no gun. I don't need no knife
To threaten any man, woman, child, or my wife  
I only have to draw my hammer with the claw
It'll end a fight quicker'n anything you ever saw
I wish I had a dime for every single time I heard
Put the hammer down...

And at the liquor store, there works a liquor whore
She gave me the wrong change man, she done it twice before
I said check again or meet the business end
Of "Heavy Metal Mike," my hammer-headed little friend
She backed away, I heard somebody say (HEY!)
Put the hammer down...

Here come Sheriff Brown, say people there in town
With hammer-shaped dents in their heads, laying on the ground
I said them's all lies and anyone who tries
To spread 'em gets this hammer right between they ugly eyes
Well, he just pulled his gun
Cocked it with his thumb and he say
Put that hammer down...