From the recording Dumb Country Noise (Remastered)

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She Tweeted Herself
(words & music by the HELLROYS)

She tweeted her titties
Just to make a sport of me
She tweeted her titties
'Cause it made her feel free
She said "I'm leaving you, Sixto"
"Cause I met me some other guy
So I'm tweeting my titties"
Hashtag goodbye 

She tweeted her coochie.
Which to me just seems rude
She tweeted her coochie.
Just to show the other dudes
She said "I'm glad that I left you
And it's fun to misbehave 
So I'm tweeting my coochie"
Hashtag unshaved

She tweeted her butthole
Now that's going too far
She tweeted her butthole
Gonna make that hole a star
She said "You don't write me love songs
You just make that Dumb Country Noise
So I'm tweeting my butthole"