From the recording Dumb Country Noise (Remastered)

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Gonna Cut Off My Hand
(words & music by the HELLROYS)

Well, work's for suckers, take it from a workin’ man
And I can‘t stand the smell of this renderin’ plant 
I realized at the kitchen table
That they gonna make me work everyday I'm able
So I sat down and made myself a plan

Gonna cut off my hand and get some workers compensation 
Gonna cut off my hand and get me free
Gonna stay home and watch my stories
Suck my beer right from a can
Gonna have it all when I finally cut off my hand. 

Well, it might cost me my fingers and my thumb
But the guv’mint will reward me for being dumb. 
So I went and googled that workers comp law
And I went to work at the company bone saw
Held my breath and I stretched out my left hand 

Gonna cut off my hand...

Doc took a look at my severed hand and he say
"Son, your a lucky man. Ain't no workers comp for you 
Cuz your job only takes one hand to do”

Well, work's for suckers, take it from a working man
And it's twice as hard if ya only got one hand
And I only got myself to blame
Masturbation just ain't the same
And my wife's mad cuz I can't wear a weddin' band

Cuz I cut off my hand...